Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Computer Games Are Offensive

As a video game professional and a gamer I find the term 'computer games' unbelievably offensive. This doesn't mean that I am a console fangirl simply hating on PC games, or that I refuse to develop for anything other than PC. Actually, I am referring to the use of the term by the wider community and its perpetuation of the notion that video games are for children.

My feelings on this matter were in part sparked by the debate for R18+ classification in Australia in recent years. I was following the progress closely for much of last year and was increasingly confused by the constant referral of video games as computer games. In an age where gaming exists on any and every platform one can think of, I am repeatedly puzzled by the use of such a dated term. Games have been beyond the humble home computer for decades so why are they remaining weighed down by such a term? The answer, I find, stems from those who use the term; people who oppose an R18+ classification.