Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Brief Diablo 3 Monk Leveling Guide

In this brief Diablo 3 Monk Leveling Guide we will explore the unique attributes of the new monk class and learn about the traits that set the them apart from other melee classes in Diablo 3.

The monk is know for his or her mastery of both mind and body. Only after many years of training in the spiritual and martial arts do they leave the monastery and enter into battle to rid the land of evil.

A master of unarmed combat as well as melee weaponry, the monk dispatches of his enemies with lightning-fast strikes and lethal weapon blows. They are capable of inflicting enormous damage on single targets as well as a handful of AOE (area of effect) attacks to multiple enemies using their elemental power. Their single target damage will make monks a valuable group member when fighting bosses and more difficult rare mobs.

Monks are extremely nimble, opting to quickly move around the battlefield while engaging their enemies, rather than slower, more heavily-armored classes such as the barbarian who may opt to engage is a relatively stationary slugfest. However, when forced with dealing with dangerous and overwhelming situations, the monk has many evasive and defensive skills to avoid incoming damage.

The monk has access to a vast array of martial abilities, which are amplified in their power and efficiency when used in quick succession. Certainly, the monk's predisposition to make use of the combo experience bonuses available in Diablo 3 will be of great benefit to fast monk leveling throughout the game.

Spirit is the monk's main resource and is generated from deep within the monk himself. It is said to be the product of years of focused training and spiritual discipline.

Like the resources of other classes, spirit is generated and spent depending on which abilities are used. Landing multiple spirit-generating attacks in a row will fill the monk with his/her spirit power which can then be expended through devastating attacks and finishing abilities on multiple targets or even life-saving evasive maneuvers.

There is no cool-down on spirit-using abilities, though when it's gone it will quite slowly on its own. To regain spirit quickly, you will need to land several spirit-generating abilities in order to refill your meter. By carefully planning sequences of attacks, you can develop a rotation of abilities that will constantly be draining and refilling your spirit, allowing for an essentially endless barrage of deadly attacks.

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